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The Enneagram Test

Katherine's latest and most comprehensive Enneagram Test reveals your personality type from among the 9 Enneagram Types as well as your Tritype® and Instinctual Type Stacking.

This test is different from other Enneagram Tests because it has eight testing instruments in one test. It is the only test that is specifically programmed to detect important patterns that the Enneagram Types use. Therefore, this test will notify the test taker that may have mistyped as another type or Tritype® because they identify with their behaviors rather than their motivations and defense strategies.

The testing algorithm recognizes the Type 6 and/or Type 9 immediately if the test taker has mistyped as other types, preventing these test takers from years of mistyping as other types. This helps the 6 and the 9 understand how to work with their Truetype™ and enjoy the benefits of greater self-awareness, better relationships, and more meaningful and lasting change.