Katherine's Enneagram Tritype® Test v8

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Access Details and Tips
  • The test costs $25.00
  • You will have 1 month of access to take the test and save your results (from date of purchase). To have multi-month access select the auto-renew option at checkout.
  • When taking the test, be sure to enter your correct email address into the test so that you will receive a summary copy and link to your results.
  • Upon completing the test you will see an extensive results page.
  • A summary of your results will be emailed to you. The email contains a link to the full results page you see when you complete the test.
  • Review each tab.
  • Your results will contain important distinctions necessary for interpreting your results.
  • For your record and to improve Typing and Trityping® accuracy when interpreting your test results, all of your test responses are included in your results.
  • Further assistance interpreting your results is available here. New client discounts are available.
  • Save a copy of your results page as a PDF by "printing" them to a PDF.
  • The test has many tabs, each with valuable interpretations of your results. Be sure to save EACH tab from your results by printing the page to a PDF with each tab open.
  • Here's how to "print" to a PDF file.
Troubleshooting and Accessing Test Results
  • Didn't get your results? Check your spam/junk folder
  • Issues with your test or accessing your results? Email info@katherinefauvre.com
  • Trouble logging in after purchasing the test? Check for common ways you might have misspelled your email address.

About the Enneagram Tritype® Test: Type, Tritype®, Instinctual Type, and Instinctual Stacking

Katherine's latest and most comprehensive Enneagram Test,  version 8 (also known as ETTv8) reveals your personality type from among the 9 Enneagram Types as well as your Tritype® and Instinctual Type Stacking.

This test is different from other Enneagram Tests because it has eight testing instruments in one test.

This test is the only test specifically programmed to detect important patterns that the Enneagram Types use. Therefore, this test will notify the test taker that may have mistyped as another type or Tritype® because they identify with their behaviors rather than their motivations and defense strategies.

The testing algorithm recognizes the Type 6 and/or Type 9 immediately if the test taker has mistyped as other types, preventing these test takers from years of mistyping as other types. This helps the 6 and the 9 understand how to work with their Truetype™ and enjoy the benefits of greater self-awareness, better relationships, and more meaningful and lasting change.

Reviews for the Enneagram Tritype® Test

My test was a change from the past

April 3, 2024

Formerly, I tested as a 316, self preservation, social, sexual. A year ago or so I tested as a 125, 126. This time I tested as a 1, with a tritype of 285; social, self preservation, sexual. This is a change. As I have read about the self preservation 3 can mistype as a self preservation 1.



Response from Enneagram Tritype® Test

Hello…Are you getting different results from the Enneagram Tritype® Test v8? If so, you should have received special notices suggesting that you used the patterns that only those with type 6 and type 9 use. This test has 10 tests in one. I have been collecting research on the testing instruments I created 40 years ago. In 2017, I finally found someone that could program the specific patterns the types use. The most common type is the type 9. The most common Tritype® is 963. The Tritype® that most commonly mistypes is the social 693. This Tritype® struggles with all testing instruments. This is because they are meant to see what they initiate ( type 3), the other side of every issue (type 6), and all points of view (type 9). If you received 1-7 special notifications, it most likely means that you tested like type 6, type 9, or both type 6 and type 9. It also indicatesthat test-taker has type 6 and type 9. in in theirTritype®.

Me gusta escuchar ideas soy bueno guiando

April 3, 2024

Me gusta el orden


I figured i was a 1, 3, 5 and therefore a bit puzzled by the results. I need time to review and digest the report so i better understand my 7, 8, 3 result.

December 4, 2023


Jason Perkins

Response from Enneagram Tritype® Test

Your potential idea of Tritype® with your choices suggest a particular pattern that is often the 369 in any order…Look to see if you received any special notices suggesting type 6, type 9, or both.


November 28, 2023

Nice ig


kind,innocent,full of enthusiasm,inflammable

November 28, 2023

I am kind and innocent.I help others as much as I can,I am imflammable,it’s easy to make me angry

Yuekun Huang